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For the past nine years PlanPhilly has been your go-to source for design, planning, transportation, and development coverage in Philadelphia – during a time of extraordinary change in the city. As the city changed, so have we. This year we moved to WHYY, and in our new home we’re poised to grow.

You depend on us for thorough, thoughtful coverage of the city’s big mobility, zoning, preservation, and planning issues that can inform your work and your connections with the city. With a new mayor and new city council on the horizon, the city’s planning and design environment will shift. As development continues to boom, neighborhoods will change. PlanPhilly is here to help you make sense of it all. As the city’s local media ecosystem shrinks, our task becomes ever-more critical.

But the high-level journalism we deliver costs money. For the first time, we’re asking you to help support our work. (HERE'S HOW)


We believe Philadelphians deserve a well-designed city with a healthy planning ecosystem, transparent land-use decisions, and strong reporting that helps connect and inform the public. If you share these values and appreciate our work, we’re asking you to support our coverage. (PLEDGE HERE)

Your support will help us deliver the daily news you’ve come to expect and expanded coverage around issues like equitable access to transportation, the city's new land bank, and neighborhood change.  Your tax-deductible contribution will be dedicated to PlanPhilly’s journalism.

In this season of gratitude and reflection, we’re asking you to consider what PlanPhilly is worth to you. Do you learn something new when you read one of our stories? Does it help you do your job? Does it keep you informed about your neighborhood or the places you care about?  If so, will you consider an end-of-year charitable contribution, all of which will go to support PlanPhilly’s work?


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